Bell & Ross BR02-94 replica Chronograph Watch Review

Bell & Ross Replica are a luxury watchmaker with a mightily impressive back catalogue of timepieces and what they lack in heritage (having only been founded as recently as 1992) they more than make up for with their exemplary collection of luxury Replica Watches and it is their aviation and diving watches for which they are possibly most famed.

We'll be focusing on their diving watches here in the form of this jaw-droppingly awesome Bell & Ross BR02 replica watch which, as you can see, is a rather impressive piece of apparatus that will be the perfect choice for any serious divers out there.

This is a serious Bell & Ross BR02-94 Replica watch. Able to withstand hydrostatic pressure up to 1,000 meters deep with an automatic helium escape valve mechanism in place, this watch is a true diver watch. Despite the BR02 replica having a 44mm wide steel case using the 316L stainless steel compound, the unique shape of the watch casing hides the size easily. It also sits on the wrist very comfortably. This particular model is PVD black-coated.

The Bell & Ross BR02-94 Replica model comes with the standard rubber strap with the brand initials BR prominently stamped. The curve shape of the strap as it integrates beautifully with the unique casing makes the whole package looks cool. B&R also provide a secondary canvas strap with this Replica Bell & Ross Watches. However, although sufficient for the job at hand, it is not as beautifully designed as the rubber piece. Unfortunately, this also means it would be difficult to get after-market straps that can replicate the symmetry of the original rubber piece.

Bell & Ross is not what I would call an underdog brand, but their Bell & Ross BR02-94 Replica watch certainly has been an underdog. Not appreciated to its full extent, this is a really cool timepiece that deserves a bit of extra attention. I don't recall the exact year the Replica Bell & Ross BR02 made its debut, but it was on the coattails of the BR01 at the height of its popularity. Moving their attention from the air to the sea, Bell & Ross wanted to release a novel diver watch instrument.